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Odor Removal aka Deodorizing

Do you have a horrible odor in your home? We are experts in finding and eliminating the cause! Whether it's pet odors, buildup from smoking, past water damage, or simply an unknown source, we have the equipment and knowledge needed to alleviate your problem and increase your indoor air quality.

Utilizing a special formulation of ClO2, we can treat individual areas or a whole home safely and within 24 hours your home will be smell free! Our technique is 7 times more effective than chlorine such as in bleach at eliminating odor causing bacteria, fungi/mold, and viruses and even better is that microorganisms cannot build up a resistance. After treatment the formulation breaks down into salt and water and does not produce carcinogenic by-products such as when using ozone.

While our method is completely safe, using ClO2 is best left to the professionals. Proper care in handling and preparation must be adhered to in order for the product to be effective and safe. We are extensively trained on our equipment to ensure professional quality results. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us here!


The treatment has been 100% effective, even for the biggest problems.

Check out our customer results here!

Smoking residue smells bad and is tough to remove
Pet urine odors are hard to remove and can be bad for your health
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