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All of the air in your home goes through your duct system. When's the last time you've had it checked?

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9 lbs. of dead cells

About 9 pounds of dead skin cells fall off of your skin each year. These cells end up in you air ducts and are never cleaned out.

27% of house fires are caused by an accumulation of lint

Regular cleaning of your dryer vents is crucial in preventing lint accumulation, significantly reducing the risk of fire, providing peace of mind and ensuring the safety of your residence.

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We are so thankful for the quality service provided by NWA Duct Cleaning. After our ducts were cleaned, we immediately noticed a fresher, cleaner home. We'll definitely be using them again in the future!

Quick Facts:

  • Typically 80% of dust is from dead skin, meaning you could still be living with the previous owners in your new home.
  • When poorly maintained, your air ducts can be the perfect place for mold and bacteria to flourish, meaning when your system turns on you could be spreading problems.
  • Debris and particles in ventilation systems can aggravate allergies and asthma, as well as cause headaches and illnesses.
  • A slightly dirty system can be 11% less efficient, and a very dirty system can be 30% or more!
  • Poorly maintained systems can deteriorate faster and have more issues than if they were properly maintained.

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If it smells, it won't sell.

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We pride ourselves on relieving our customers from allergies due to pollen, mold spores, and mites thru our dust and odor removal process preventing sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, sinus congestion and headaches. Our special formulation will eliminate any smell and odor due to mold or bacteria that could be in the air ducts increasing your quality of life. Whether you are selling, buying, or currently own a home we offer services to helop you reach your goal.

​If you are selling a home, it is always a good idea to have the ventilation system cleaned. A clean ventilation system will have a fresher and more appealing smell which can lead to happier buyers. If you are buying a home, you do not want to move in while the ducts still contain debris from previous owners. If you currently own a home, cleaning the air ducts can inprove indoor air quality, reduce illness and headaches, and alleviate allergies and asthma.